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Because with today's complex projects and fast-track schedules, you need the peace of mind that Silpro provides.  For over 60 years, Silpro has earned our customer's trust by creating reliable solutions that improve service life, and reduce cost and conflicts.  Silpro remains committed to bringing compelling value to our Flooring and Concrete Restoration contractors by offering consistently high quality and competitively priced products with unsurpassed knowledge, service and technical support.  Faster.  Better.  Donelearn more

Concrete Slab Repair: Getting Flat is One Thing, Staying Flat is Another!
By Scott M. Tarr, Peter A. Craig, and Howard M. Kanare Constructing concrete slabs to successfully receive moisture-sensitive flooring materials or coatings is not a simple process. In today’s market, fast-track construction has shortened the time period provided for concrete slab drying which, along with several other factors, has led to a significant increase in moisture-related flooring problems nationwide. Steps should be taken during the design phase of a project to minimize the potential for moisturerelated issues. Such steps include, among others, the requirement for a low-permeance punctureresistant vapor retarder directly beneath the slab to minimize moisture vapor transmission from the underlying base (Craig 2004), using moderately low water-cement ratio concrete mixtures (Kanare 2005), and allowing an adequate drying period or including acceptable moisture mitigation options as a separate bid item in the contract specifications (Tarr 2005).

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